What Does Your Blood Type Mean

What Does Your Blood Type Mean?

Blood Type O-

O Negative is known as the universal blood type. When this blood is donated, anyone can receive it. This makes it the most sought-after blood.
O Negative Facts
Only 7% of the world's population carries O- blood.
While anyone can receive O-, people with O- blood can only receive O- blood.

Blood Type O+

While O- is the least common blood type, O+ is the most common. The group of O blood is the oldest blood on Earth and dates back to 40,000 BC. An interesting fact is that 47% of African Americans have O+ blood.

Blood Type A+

A+ blood is a fairly common blood type in the United States. Even so, two parents with A+ blood can give birth to a child with an O type blood.
People with A+ blood should stick to a low-fat diet to stay healthy.

Blood Type A-

A- blood is a rare blood type for many races in the United States.
A- Blood Type Ethnic Breakdown
Asian 0.5%
African American 2%
Hispanic 2%
Caucasian 7%

Blood Type B+

B+ is a fairly average blood type, found more in Asians than any other race. There is actually a recommended diet based on blood types, and there is a lot of tasty variety for those with B+ blood.
B+ Blood Type Diet Foods
Goat Cheese

Blood Type B-

Blood type B- is not only rare, but it can be dangerous in certain situations. If a pregnant mother has B- blood, there is a risk of death for the baby if it carries a positive blood type. Luckily, only 2% of Americans have this type of blood.

Blood Type AB

AB is the rarest of all bloods. People with AB blood can only donate blood to other people with AB blood, but they can receive any type of blood in return. If one parent has AB blood and the other has O blood, the child will not have AB blood, but simply A or B.

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